Welcome to Gina's!


What inspired you to open an Italian Ice shop?

A:     When we moved to Oak Park, over 40 years ago we thought it was a great community but kept saying  "I wish there was a Lemonade stand nearby."  One day I was walking by the property and a couple of kids in their 20's were cleaning it up, planning to  open a pizza place.      We got to talking and they didn't realize how much work was involved so they said  "We'll sell it to you for what we paid for it."  I went home and talked it over with my husband and the rest is history.

What makes Gina's different from all the other shops out there?

A:     We take a lot of pride in serving a great product for  a reasonable price with friendly service.

What months of the year is Gina's open?

A: May through September, weather permitting.

How long has Gina's been open?

A: Since 1977. 40 years straight.

What's your favorite flavor?

A:     Lemon!